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Plans continue to develop for Social Sciences Week (#SSW2022) which runs from 5-11 September. I encourage you to check out the program and consider participating in an event. We are thrilled to welcome RMIT University as the first Social Sciences Week sponsor, their support for the week is greatly appreciated.

During Social Sciences Week I will be giving a talk to high school students about what the social sciences are, career opportunities in the social sciences, and some of the exciting research being done by our Fellows. We are making a concerted effort to expand the visibility of the social sciences in our nation’s schools, and this is a great opportunity to reach out to Academy Fellows in the making!

Congratulations are in order to one of our Fellows (also Chair of Panel B) Renée Fry-McKibbin. Renee was appointed by Treasurer Jim Chalmers as one of the three experts on a panel to review the Reserve Bank of Australia. This will be the first wide-ranging review of the RBA since the 1990s; several of our Fellows have previously called for its establishment.

Plans are well underway for the Academy’s Annual Symposium happening from 28-29 November in Melbourne. After two years of online meetings due to the pandemic we are planning to meet in person this year, although online options will still be available. I do hope to see many of you there.

Finally, last month we joined with the ANU and the Australian Academy of the Humanities to host a symposium on the life and work of former Academy President Professor Stuart Macintyre AO FAHA FASSA, who passed away in 2021. This short video features Stuart's family, friends and colleagues reflecting on his life and his legacy.

Richard Holden

Upcoming events

Plenty of events to fill your calendar this month.  Here is a selection you may be interested in.

Join the NHMRC consultation on gender equity in the Investigator Grant scheme

The NHMRC has released a discussion paper presenting options for reaching gender equity in the Investigator Grant scheme. Over the first half of August, NHRMC CEO, Professor Anne Kelso AO, will present the paper at a series of open forums. 

Events will be held in QLD, NSW, VIC, WA, SA, the ACT and online. Dates and locations available here. (The NHMRC’s Gender Equity Strategy 2022-2025 is also now available on NHMRC’s website.)

Virus on the March? Military Model and Metaphor in the COVID-19 Pandemic

What should a medical historian say when a general calls, asking for advice on a vaccine rollout during the pandemic?

Academy Fellow Warwick Anderson will give the 2022 Ben Haneman Memorial Lecture at the State Library of NSW at 6pm on Thursday 11 August.
Register here.

Social science is everywhere: An introduction for Australian secondary students

The social sciences impact how we live our daily lives, as well as how our society functions. Designed specifically for Australian secondary students in years 9-12, this webinar will be hosted by Academy President, Professor Richard Holden, at 9.45am on Tuesday 6 September.

Register now to gain an understanding of how the social sciences can help us to solve society's most compelling challenges.


Our congratulations go to Academy Fellow Peter Rimmer who is the recipient of the 2022 J.P Thomson Medal, the most prestigious award given by the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, recognising high-quality scholarship and contribution to the study of geography.


Do you or your organisation provide digital research skills training to social science researchers? You should be talking to our policy team about getting your training registered with DReSA. Contact Dr Isabel Ceron to find out more. 

Read, Watch, Listen

Further congratulations to Academy Fellow Professor Emeritus Peter Rimmer on the release of his new co-authored book ‘Configured by Consumption'. The book is a timely reflection on the technological evolution of production-consumption cycles since the genesis of industrialisation.

Congrats also to Academy Fellow the Hon. Barry Jones AC on the updated release of The Penalty of Death, the classic study of capital punishment originally published 50 years ago.

The Academy's recent Symposium on the life and work of Stuart Macintyre featured contributors to the recently published The Work of History – Writing for Stuart Macintyre. The collection of essays and responses revisits and extends this extraordinary life of achievement and engagement.

Another good read comes from Dr Ramona Vijeyarasa, past recipient of an Academy workshop grant on gender responsive legislation has published a new book on the topic. The Woman President: Leadership, law and legacy for women based on experiences from South and Southeast Asia currently offers a discount of 30% if you use the code ASFLYQ6 at checkout.

Also from past workshop recipients (this time over a dozen of them) comes the open access book Beyond Global Food Supply Chains: Crisis, Disruption, Regeneration. Co-edited by Dr Victoria Stead and Associate Professor Melinda Hinkson. The book tracks the disruptive forces and political possibilities playing a role in global supply chains – a very timely read. We're pleased that the Academy’s support has helped enable this book to be made available free of charge. Download from this link.

Some good short views on our Seriously Social YouTube channel.

Have you seen our video about How to spot an expert? Perfect for those teens in your life who may be swayed by influencers!

And, ICYMI - our powerful video of Fellow Megan Davis reading the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Please do take the time as discussions around the Voice continue.

On our Seriously Social podcast this month we tackled a challenging issue; drug policy. Fellow Alison Ritter talked to host Ginger Gorman about the state of flux in the field of drug policy. We explored who makes these policies, who influences them, and who is being left out. Listen here or on your favourite pod platform.


Sadly, there are several condolences to pass on. We send our best to the families, colleagues and friends of the following Fellows.

Professor Geoffrey Brennan (died July)

We were saddened to hear the passing of Academy Fellow Professor Geoffrey Brennan - an outstanding researcher of international acclaim. An economist by training, he worked actively on issues at the intersection of economics, rationality, and political philosophy.

Emeritus Professor Riaz Hassan (died June)

Riaz Hassan was a giant in Australian sociology, and for more than 40 years worked from Flinders University where he was Professor of Sociology. An outstanding sociologist with expertise in several areas including sociology of suicide, suicide terrorism, housing studies, euthanasia, sociology of religious life, Muslim societies, urban sociology, and development studies.

Emeritus Professor Candi Peterson (died June)
A developmental psychologist with expertise in the role of communication processes in family relationships and social-cognitive development. Her research included valuable work on a theory of mind in deaf children with other cognitive and sensory impairments, parent-adolescent communication, conflict resolution and much more.

Emeritus Professor Joe Powell(died July)
One of Australia’s most outstanding and influential historical geographers, Joe Powell specialised in geographical and historical studies of resource appraisal, conservation and environmental management in the New World, particularly Australia. He died age 83 after an extraordinary life journey that included humble beginnings in poverty in Liverpool before migrating to Melbourne, writing feverishly for decades, and becoming Emeritus Professor of Geography at Monash.

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