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President's Message
Image of Jane Hall
The Academy is committed to promoting awareness and understanding of the social sciences, and there are many ways we have engaged with this aim.

Two years ago, we held a meeting at Parliament House in Canberra to launch our Parliamentary Friends of the Social Sciences – it was well attended, with standing room only. Last year, we were unable to hold such an event, so I was very much looking forward to the meeting scheduled for early this month. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel once again. 

As I write this, Greater Sydney is moving into a further four weeks of lockdown. Cases in Sydney continue to grow, while both Victoria and South Australia are now easing restrictions.

This year, our fiftieth anniversary year, had been planned to include a series of celebrations. I am disappointed that COVID restrictions have led to some of these not taking place and have taken from me the opportunity to visit other states and meet more Fellows. 

The events and challenges of the last 18 months have taken from all of us. It is particularly concerning to see the damage inflicted on our universities, to see so many social scientists feel that their contributions have been devalued, and to see young scholars struggling with insecure employment and uncertain careers.

Yet as we learn what living with COVID means – it seems unlikely that we shall see anything like getting back to normal – the social sciences are essential to understanding and shaping our future society. So continuing and expanding our activities to promote the awareness of the social sciences has never been more important.

I am looking towards September and Social Sciences Week (6-12 September) and hope that we will be able to hold an array of face-to-face alongside the many online events planned for the week. Our annual symposium is scheduled for November with all the usual meetings and a special anniversary dinner. Hope to see you there.

Professor Jane Hall FASSA FAHMS, President

CEO's Message
Despite the enormous and ongoing challenges of COVID-19, the Academy has been fortunate to be able to continue progressing a number of exciting programs and initiatives.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan, launched in June, was an important milestone, as was the release of our recent statement on the need for Australian action on climate change; part of a broader climate change program.

Interest in our dynamic new communications initiative Seriously Social continues to grow, bringing timely and relevant social science research and insights to a broad cross-section of the community.

Looking ahead, the Academy is working with a broad range of university and professional association partners to stage the fourth annual Social Sciences Week from 6-12 September. Once again, it looks as though most of the program will be online, with opportunity for scholars and members of the public to hear and participate in a broad range of interesting talks and events.    

We're also in the final stages of our State of the Social Sciences report; an expansive look at the standing, challenges and opportunities for the social sciences in Australia across schools, VET, universities and the broader economy. Stay tuned for the report in October or November this year.

Lastly, we're working hard to finalise an expansive program of speakers and panellists for our 50th Anniversary Symposium The Social Future of Australia, available both online and (circumstances permitting) in person in Canberra on 22-23 November. The program and registration details will be released soon.

In other news, applications are open for the Academy's 2021 Paul Bourke Awards (closing 31 August) and also for the 2022 Workshops Program (closing 15 October. Nominations for Academy Fellowship will open in early September.

Dr Chris Hatherly, CEO
Nominations Open: 2021 Paul Bourke Award
Do you know an early career researcher who has achieved excellence in the social sciences? Nominations are now open for the 2021 Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research.

The Academy presents four Paul Bourke Awards per annum, one in each Panel of the Academy.

Recipients of this prestigious award will receive a citation, medallion and each deliver a Paul Bourke Lecture in 2022. Nominations close on Tuesday 31 August 2021. Find out more about the 2021 Paul Bourke Awards or for further enquiries email
Opportunity for high school students: video competition
Know any networks of high school students, or high school teachers?
Monash Arts are excited to be running the 'Social Justice Matters' video essay competition for high school students, with $2,000 in prizes available, winners to be announced during Social Sciences Week this year. Entries (a 3-5 minute video) close on August 30 and the competition is open to high schoolers across the country.

Find out more via this page on the Social Sciences Week website and please help to spread the word.

Upcoming Fellows Events
Fellows lucky enough to be in a part of Australia not under lockdown may want to keep an eye out for an upcoming Fellows-only event to celebrate the Academy’s 50th Birthday.

First cab off the ranks is the WA Fellows 50th Anniversary dinner on August 18 (event info here). The other Fellows events are happening in Melbourne between 9-10 Sept, in Social Sciences Week. Fellows in Victoria are invited to register to attend the following events:

Victorian Branch Conversation and Drinks
Join Victorian Fellows for complimentary drinks and conversation before the Joint Academies Dinner later in the evening.

Joint Academies Dinner
The 2021 Joint Academies Dinner brings together Fellows of the five Learned Australian Academies in Victoria for an evening of collegiality and knowledge sharing.

Special Symposium: The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Social Sciences
Victorian Fellows will hold a special Symposium to celebrate the Academy's 50th Anniversary and discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic and the role of the Social Sciences in theory, policy, practice and understanding. The two panel sessions will discuss the challenges and lessons of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Congratulations Sharon Friel
Well done to Fellow Sharon Friel from ANU who was awarded an ARC Laureate Fellowship for her work on Governance for Planetary Health Equity. Learn more about the project here.

If you know a Fellow who has recently received an award, let us know by emailing our Comms Manager, Sue White on

Read, Listen, Watch
Indigenous Legal Judgements: Bringing Indigenous Voices into Judicial Decision Making
By Fellow Heather Douglas and Nicole Watson.

In this groundbreaking work, Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars have collaborated to rewrite 16 key decisions. Spanning from 1889 to 2017, the judgments reflect the trajectory of Indigenous people’s engagements with Australian law.
Warm up for Social Sciences Week 2021 (6-12 September) by catching up on some of last year’s talks and seminars. Recordings of many of last year’s SSW events live on our website, where you can also take a peek at what’s coming up next month.
It’s been a big month with our podcast, Seriously Social, hitting 40,000 downloads and launching Season 4. We know some Fellows are sharing Seriously Social with their students – thank you! Every listen helps us spread the word about the value of the social sciences. Missed the start to Season 4? Here you go:

S4E1: How to retire well
(Featured Fellow: Andrew Podger)

How much money will you need to maintain your standard of living once you’re not working, particularly in your last 20-30 years of life? With help from our guest Professor Andrew Podger from the Australian National University (ANU), you’ll learn when to throw money into superannuation (and when to supercharge your efforts); what you’ll need to spend through each stage of retirement and what your super fund should be doing to help you better understand your finances in those twilight years.  

S4E2: Why ageism is such a hard ‘ism’ to fight
(Featured Fellow: Nancy Pachana)

Feeling old? Good news: you’re trending. Globally, there are now more people over the age of 65 than five and under. By 2050, there’ll be more over 65s than under 21s. But in Australia, where 1 in 10 Australian companies will not hire people over 50, ageism is rife.  So what’s the cost of excluding older people, and what are some solutions to our ageist society?

Never miss an episode of Seriously Social podcast: Subscribe (free, of course) via your favourite podcast platform.
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Wish more people understood the social sciences? Introduce them to Seriously Social.
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